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Susan is amazing at her job. I was a freshman in college when I first met her. During high school, I was a great student, involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, and had never met a stranger. My first semester in college was rough and I had a hard time adjusting between classes, roommates, and living alone for the first time which was crazy to me! It seemed like I was in a dark hole that kept swallowing me but Susan was able to pull me out. I was stubborn in the beginning to all the change but she never gave up on me. She challenged me in ways no one else had and had me asking tough questions I didn’t want to ask myself. Through it all, she remained a positive influence and someone to lean on. Susan helped my transition in college. After her guidance, I successfully graduated and currently am working the job of my dreams. I can’t thank her enough!

Marisa Peredo

“Susan and her team were transformative on my experience transitioning to college. Her ability to ask thought-provoking questions propelled me to consider how I prioritized my health and wellbeing as a young adult. We discussed how that early investment would lead to future successes which I now see.”

Julian Batts

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