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To Take Your Time, LLC

As a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, I have helped hundreds of individuals during the most challenging times of their lives - life transitions. From entering college to retirement, getting married to widowhood, competing professionally to adapting to an acquired injury, I can help you navigate the ins and outs of (re)discovering your FUN self again. But as we (re)learn new things it takes time to adjust - to adapt - to create the habit. I'm here to remind you to Take Your Time.

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We often tell young toddlers and older adults to "take your time" as they navigate around obstacles on the ground while trying to stay balanced as they walk. But why don't we encourage others to take their time as they navigate difficult situations in life while also trying to stay balanced? Instead there seems to be a push by individuals and society to figure stuff out quickly and move on. 

That's why I have created Take Your Time! Change doesn't happen overnight. It deserves the time it needs to manifest properly. 

Since 2007, I’ve been helping individuals and groups (re)discover their FUN self through a series of leisure coaching techniques. As a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, I use evidence-informed practices to guide each of my clients during moments of life transitions to explore new leisure activities or re-connect to previously enjoyed activities. The process doesn't happen overnight, and I encourage everyone to take their time finding joy and happiness again.

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Flagstaff, Arizona

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